A few days ago, I was watching an advertisement on television and it only took me a few moments to realize that it was a commercial for Voltas. There is something that I subconsciously recognized when watching it. I was able to recall the name of the brand even before it came up. But what was this something?

It’s called a Brand Voice; it’s an identity that you form for your brand and project to the world. It helps people to recognize you, makes them understand your values and keeps them hooked. Brand voice has always been an important part of marketing and there are several professional branding agencies in India to help you incorporate the same for your firm.

What is a brand voice?

Brand voice is the identity of your firm that you use to present your firm to others. It is something that enables audience to recognize any content by you even if it doesn’t have your logo or if it is on a different platform.

Every time you post something, send an email, or write a blog article, you’re contributing to your brand’s voice. Yes, you already have a brand voice. But is it the right one? Or is it genuine?

The basic meaning of brand voice is pretty abstract and thus, not many marketers dive in the deep end. Think of it like this: If your brand is a person, what would it look and sound like? Will it seem friendly or stuck-up? Is it warm and funny or a little more geeky? A hip youngster or an ageing uncle? Personification of your brand can help you understand what your brand voice is now and how you want it to be later.

People are saturated with the number of advertisements thrown at them every moment. They are looking for brands which aren’t actively trying to sell them something all the time. They want something they can relate with, and is authentic.

How to Cultivate Your Brand Voice

There are 5 key steps to developing and enhancing a good brand voice for your firm.

1. Who is your audience?

Who is your audience?

You talk in a different way with everyone you come across on a daily basis. For example, the way you talk to your boss at work is very different from the way you’d talk to a kid. In the same way, you need to know who you’re speaking to before you choose a tone of voice.

It’s similar when you are trying to create the right voice for your brand. For this, you’ll need a buyer’s persona to understand who your audience is and what they do. When you know who your audience is, you’ll be able to gauge what kind of content is better suited for them and how to present it.

A buyer’s person also helps if you decide to go for paid promotions on social media platforms as you can use it for setting the demographics and decide what kind of audience to target.

Apart from that, you can try listening to your consumers to see how they talk and what they like. You can also study your competitors to see who has an engaging voice and incorporate some of the aspects from them to your voice.

2. Who are you?

Who are you?

Just cracking the intel about your audience won’t cut it. Once you know who your audience is, you have to form a personality for your brand as well. Many people opt for hiring professional brand builder before they launch a new venture but you can just as easily do it yourself.

Use your tagline, your mission, your vision, your aim and understand who you are exactly. Create a persona that the audience can relate to and resonate with. Incorporate your unique selling proposition [USP] and promote it through your voice. Your logo also plays an important role in helping people understand your brand.

3. Set Brand Voice Guidelines

Set Brand Voice Guidelines

In a firm, all the employees that interact with other on behalf of the firm are representing your brand. Each individual is different and thinks differently, hence, it’s obvious that not everyone will understand what kind of a voice to use. The image they portray also reflects on your company be it content writers or the sales team. If everyone talk in a different manner, your brand voice will be rather haywire. What’s the solution?

What you can do is set some specific guidelines that everyone should compulsorily adhere to. A list of dos and don’ts, few words depicting the brand’s identity and short description of what the brand should portray is a good way to set guidelines.

This not only helps everyone understand and represent the voice better but it’s also beneficial if you work with freelancers and when someone new joins the company.

4. Consistent Brand Voice

Consistent Brand Voice

When you set guidelines for a particular brand voice that you have created, it sets an expectation for you to follow through with it. Constantly changing the voice isn’t going to spread brand awareness of your firm and the audience will find it difficult to recognize. Consistency will enable the audience to recognize you and humanize your brand.

Coca-Cola is a leading example of how you should stick to a set brand voice and the way it can work in your favour. They have been ‘selling happiness’ since 1886, so they have a truck-load of advertising material. However, no matter what happened or how many years have passed, Coca-Cola’s brand voice and identity is still the same. Quality Branding Services in India can help you create an exceptional brand identity for your firm.

5 Keep it simple

Keep it simple

An Indian politician, with exceptional English vocabulary, was turned into a subject for memes overnight. Why? Because very few people actually read what he had tweeted and understood it. Others, like me, were busy googling each word separately in order to try and make some sense of the same.

Use simple language and keep the sentences short so that your audience can easily understand what you’re trying to say. Don’t overcomplicate things if it isn’t necessary. Keeping information short and crisp helps people understand it easily and also encourage them to engage with you online.

Finding your original voice is a tedious but rewarding process. If you keep it boring and information-centric or if you keep rambling about your products, nobody will feel like making any purchases. When you humanize your brand and add emotions into the mix, people will feel more inclined towards making a purchase. This may seem a little difficult to achieve along with handling your daily business functions, but you can consider a hiring brand developer for your business. People who do branding professionally are able to view your firm in a different light and from a unique angle, thus generating more ideas. Are you looking for creating a unique brand voice of your firm? Visit our website to know more about it!


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