Is Digital Marketing suitable for your business?

Booking movie tickets, shopping for groceries, reading books, and taking up courses can all be done online. So, does it not equally apply to your business?

Over the last decade, the internet has surpassed all underestimations. What one thought could only be done manually, is now done with a few simple clicks online. Then, why limit your business to just the office? Bringing it up on the internet is perhaps the best investment you can make this year. Confused how you’d do it alone? The best part is, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. With superior digital marketing services available in India, your dream of expanding your business across the globe is easier than ever.

How do you befriend digital marketing?

Hiring the most suitable Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business could be a task. With a pool of digital marketers, it becomes crucial to go for a genuine agency. They, for example, should understand your business. They should know the target points and work according to your vision.

On the other hand, it is also a given that you know your business the best. That is why, learning some innovative digital marketing ideas could help you boost your business with little help from someone else. Here are the 9 most important features of Digital Marketing that you should know by heart to draw online customers.

1. Have a social media presence

Spending time on social media has become a routine for most people. Hence, use the fact to your advantage. Over the years, all social media platforms have grown. They now make for excellent stages to showcase your business and services. By creating a Facebook page or an Instagram business profile, you pave the founding stones of digital marketing for your business.

Have a social media presence

The beginning

While curating your presence on social media, it’s important to focus on platforms that gain you more visibility. Fortunately, you have many to choose from. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn; the list goes on. You can begin by posting about your services, company details, perks your business provides, and other such information.

The next steps

Subsequently, when the visibility starts picking up, you can hire a digital marketing expert to help you grow your business. You can use your social media handle to entertain the audience, pass on information, organise campaigns, and much more. All of which, eventually, leads to more business.

2. Have a mailing list

Email is one of the most conventional ways of reaching out to customers. But is it outdated, now that social media is taking over? Certainly not. If a client has hired you/bought something from you, they are more likely to contact you again. Thus, they are easier targets than new people on the internet.

Nonetheless, it becomes necessary to keep them up to date with your services and products. If they hear from you periodically, there are more chances of them using your services. Thus, it is necessary to reach out to them on a regular basis.

E-mailers and Newsletters

The easiest way to do this is via email. If you maintain a mailing list, you can send monthly newsletters, updates, and invites to your customers. It can include your clients, family, and friends, as well as others who have shown interest in your business.

Dos and Don’ts

Most importantly, here are some digital marketing tips and tricks for emailing that will help you greatly. Don’t flood your mailing list with too many emails. While they would like an occasional mail, they will not appreciate you sending too many of them. Additionally, you can go the extra length to show them that you care about them. Wishing your mailing list on their birthdays or anniversaries can be a sweet gesture.

3. Indulge in Search Engine Optimization

Better known as SEO, this might be one of the most important digital marketing tips of 2018. This technique is used to increase the reach of your website. When a user searches for information related to your business or start-up, your website is more likely to appear before most websites. This, only if it is appropriately SEO optimized.

Indulge in Search Engine Optimization

Tips for SEO

  • Create original content
  • Share content regularly on your website to keep it active
  • Make use of keywords (These are wordings that users are most likely to type out when searching for things related to your business)
  • Keep the language on the website easy to understand
  • Keep the information on the website accurate and genuine
  • Use active voice while writing
  • Don’t use long sentences or unknown abbreviations

4. Make website mobile and user-friendly

The chances of people accessing your website from a phone are more than you think. Thus, if your website is mobile friendly, the user is more likely to navigate through it. Additionally, it is crucial to make the experience of surfing through your website enjoyable. Users do not like complicated or slow websites. They are also picky about the type of content they wish to see. Hence, the content on your website should be information oriented and easy to read.

 Make website mobile and user-friendly

Here’s a digital marketing tip for start-ups: go for a website that you enjoy using yourself. With trial and error, customize it to suit the user’s needs. Also, get rid of all the inconveniences on the website. This will greatly please the users.

5. Indulge in search advertising

Search advertising is the easiest way to get your website link noticed on a search engine. It allows your website to appear above search engine optimized links. This can be done by targeting crucial keywords. Such that, when a user searches for those words, the link to your website appears in the first couple of results.

Search advertising also gives an option of marketing your website in the ‘Ads’ section. It is separately placed adjacent to the other search results. Search advertising helps attract more users to your website. So, it comes in handy when your business revolves around your website.

6. Know your target audience

A valuable advertising tip for small businesses would be to know the people you are catering to. This will help you get more sense of two things. One, the type of content you must put up on your website. Two, the way you must market your business on social media. Depending upon certain factors, you can curate strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Know your target audience


The factors to know your target audience varies. They depend on the type of your business. However, some common factors include gender, age, geographical area, interests, and financial status.

For example, if you make cosmetics, your target audience is going to be females between the age of 16-46. If you make high-end products, you must target women who are financially capable of buying it. If you want to sell it in a specific area, you need to reach out to the women who belong to that geographical area.

7. Be creative and informative

Social Media

The content that you post should be relatable above everything else. If you are creative in terms of content and design, more people will want to see your updates. This will increase the reach of your content.

Additionally, you can engage your audience by creating online campaigns. You can create contests and get them to participate in the exchange of rewards.


Websites should be informative. They should talk to the point and be as concise as possible.
You can also make your websites interactive. Include customization and easy navigation. Add links to social media and put up answers to frequently asked questions.

8. Influencer Advertising

Not many people are aware of this digital marketing strategy for startups. It is indirect online advertising. Here, you contact an influential personality on social media to promote your product or business.

Influencer Advertising

How it works

They post a picture of your product or relating to your business. They also share their experience with the same.

This way, they make their followers aware of your business. The math is simple. The more followers these influencers have, the more people your advertising strategy will reach.

9. Be responsive

And last but not the least, be responsive. When anyone reaches out to you, they should always hear back from you. Be it a message on social media or a query mail, make it a routine to respond to each message personally. It is also important to be quick with your response. In the generation of high-speed data and two-step solutions, people are used to quick solutions.

At the end of the day, it is these small advertising tips for small businesses that make the most significant difference. They may be time-consuming. They may even not yield quick results. But in the long run, online marketing for start-ups can support your business greatly. Of course, they should be used correctly.

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