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Welcome to RareDevs!

We tackle complex challenges and celebrate together when succeed. We’ve built a team that is persistent, competitive and has a tremendous spirit. Together, we are determined to achieving a singular task of helping businesses promote themselves digitally.

Working at RareDevs means being a part of a tight-knit community, and not to forget, the geeky talks, regular trainings and spontaneous applauses and loads of exciting stuff every day.

Life Inside Our Office

We follow the mantra that all work and no play make the office sad and grey! We love fun as much as we love our work. We see all sorts of work atmosphere in the office ranging from dead silence when a submission is due to times when we can’t hear our own voice the during pizza parties and training days.

We are very proud of the work we do and we have a great time doing it. We are committed to growth, both personal and professional, and for that we are always looking for more whip-smart people to dive-in and get their hands dirty with us.

Perks & Benefits

We offer benefits that meet you in every stage of life, because we know when you are happy and healthy, you do your best work.

Competitive Salary

We offer salary that is either equivalent to or better than the salary offered by any other company.

Pizza Parties

We bond over pizzas every Friday. All’s well that ends well. We make sure we end the week on a happy note.

Annual Company Trip

Once in a year, we forget all our To Dos and tasks, and let our hair down during our annual company trip.

5-day work policy

TGIF!! This is our favourite policy! We work tirelessly during weekdays and enjoy a 2-day holiday every week.

Culture of learning

We learn from each other which helps us improve as an individual and better our organizational performance.

Benefits to the employee of the month

Every month, the employee of the month who is selected on the bases of his performance, gets special benefits.

Let’s Work Together

We are a quickly growing team always looking for tremendous talent like you. Fill in the form to be a part of our awesome journey.


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RareDevs is a creative digital agency with an aim to educate & enable the sellers / service providers to leverage digitization in order to reach their potential customers.

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1️⃣ Great Content, 2️⃣ Backlinks, 3️⃣ Proper Headers, 4️⃣ Keyword Research, 5️⃣ Link Building, 6️⃣ Social Bookmarking, 7️⃣ Directory Submission, and much more...

Overwhelming? 🤐 Don't worry! We can help you. 👍
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Creating quality content and marketing is the most efficient strategy for exhibiting a brand on #socialmedia. Learn how #content makes all the difference in social media #marketing in our latest post.
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#WordPress has made some big upgrades in their latest update. Here’s everything that you need to know about WordPress 5.0 and the #GutenbergEditor before hitting that update button.

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All humans have the right to life, liberty, and security. Let us all pledge to act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood this #HumanRightsDay. ✌️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Trustworthy | Promising | Growth Oriented | Successful | Unique | Technologically Sound

This is what the #BrandIdentity of DoCode signifies.
Docode is an IT training & placement services provider based in Columbus, USA. They wanted a #logo that was a combination of coding language and their first letter D in it.

Comment below how you liked their #Branding Identity.
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If you are a budding entrepreneur, you are your own brand. It is 2018, and now is the right time to start building your image online. Know all about personal branding with our latest article.

#PersonalBranding #EntrepreneurBranding
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Augmented Reality is the next big thing that can make users obsess over your mobile app. But how aware are you about the why’s and how’s of it? Come, learn it all with us.

#ARMobileApp #AugmentedReality #AppDevelopment
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Long-tail content like YouTube #videos, #Blogs & Pinterest have the longest lifespan. Need helping to figure out which #socialmedia platform will be most suitable for your business? 🤔

Let us help you. 🙂
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Ever been confused whether to go for SEO or PPC as the means to market your website? They both have their own perks! So how do you choose what works best for you? Let our blog guide you towards the right path. #WebsiteMarketing #SEO #PPC
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The #internet is becoming crowded with content more than ever!

Read our latest blog to understand the benefits of having a blog for your business!

#DigitalMarketing #BloggingForBusiness
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