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Analysis – We check the title, meta, header tags, keyword consistency, backlinks, link structure, robots, sitemaps, favicon, page size, load speed, social profile activity, email privacy and technology used.

SEO – Know the SEO score of your website and optimize it with our actionable tips to make your website rank higher on search engine results page.

Usability – Check if your website is usable across devices or not. Maximize your audience and decrease user bounce rates.

Performance – Know your page size and its breakdown, server response time, page loading time, script loading time, and resources retrieved from internet.

Social Presence – Find out how strong your social media presence is to improve your customer communication and increase brand awareness.

Security – Find out how secure your website is. A secure website protects user data and never faces a downtime or data loss.

Recommendations – Follow the step by step list of recommendations that we provide to improve the website and social presence are based on priority.

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RareDevs is a creative digital agency with an aim to educate & enable the sellers / service providers to leverage digitization in order to reach their potential customers.

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Want to be noticed? SEO can do the trick for you! 🙃
Because there is nothing better than organic 🌴
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People like words that flow, words that make them feel good, and words that spark 💫 their curiosity.
Make your audience 👨‍👩‍👦 connect more, simply by adding these power words to your creations!
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Are you tired of sharing your blog on different platforms? 😒
Well, we can leave that monotonous job on technology. 🛠 Here's how
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Colors hide all differences. May you have a beautiful and #HappyHoli! 🎉
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NOTHING. Yes, you read it right, there is an app that does absolutely nothing! ❌ And guess what, it has 1M+ downloads on the PlayStore! 😱
#MobileApps #WeirdApps #MobileAppDevelopment
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